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Placement of Straumann implants

Implantology allows to substitute a lost tooth by stable reconstruction (crown or bridge) without preparation of the neighbouring teeth.

These days implants have become the first choice method when the tooth is lost.The advantage of an implant is that it can substitute a lost tooth without the necessity of preparation of the neighbouring teeth, it is stable enough to carry a removable denture and it can also be used to treat edentulous jaws by fixing a denture on several implants. Implantology improves function and aesthetics of teeth as well as the quality of life of toothless patients.

Dental implants are made of titanium or its alloys, their surface is processed in different ways for fast and secure bone healing.The implant serves as a pillar (artificial root) to which we attach so called superconstructions - crowns etc.
Providing a patient with an implant by an experienced surgeon is a perfectly secure method and belongs to common dental treatments in our clinic.

Providing you decide to get an implant, you will be invited for a consultation, including an X-ray. An experienced dentist will provide you with a diagnosis whether the treatment is appropriate and beneficial for you. The surgery is carried out in local anaesthesia.


Implants of the highest quality - Straumann

Implantáty StraumannWe use first-class products of the highest quality. For the most demanding patients we chose the time-proven (40 years of experience) Swiss implants Straumann. They are reliable, simple, flexible and clinically proven. They heal easily an offer a wide range of dental dentures.

Implants of reasonable price - Dentis

Implantáty DentisAnother brand of implants that we offer is Dentis system. It is made in Korea and has been on the market for 5 years. Dentis implants offer high quality nad competitive price, the producers react quickly to requirements of implantologists.

We dare to claim that in implantology we belong to leading clinics in the Czech Republic. The quality we offer is based on long-time experience, study of new trends, internships at prestigious universities and regular participation in international conferences.


Oral surgery

We provide a wide range of dental treatment, ranging from simple to complicated extractions of impacted or anomal teeth. We are able to extract several teeth (or roots) in local or total anaesthesia within one visit.

We remove cysts and benign anomalies of jaws, sallivary glands and soft tissues. We treat teeth and jaws injuries that do not require hospitalization.

We pay great attention to the recovery and reconstruction of facial bones, the so-called bone management. Quality bone is a necessity for successful prosthetic reconstruction of defects using either dental implants or traditional dental bridges.

Sinus lift

Sinus lift operation
In our clinic we also carry out the Sinus lift operation which solves a lack of bone in the place of implant in the upper jaw.
The operation is carried out in local or general anaesthesia according to the case complexity.







Transfer of bone block
In case of a greater bone defect, for example after injuries, we carry out even more complicated bone transplantations. It is called autotransplantation, which means we take part of patient´s healthy bone and transplant it to the place of defect. When the bone is healed we can insert the implant in it without difficulties.

Bone grafting

The operation known as an artificial bone replacement
In case of bone loss as a result of periodontitis we are able to substitute the missing bone by "artificial bone". This helps to renew hard and sotf tissues around teeth.


Syndenta clinic offers first-class level of dental surgery. We pride ourselves on the fact that clients often come to us after having been dissatisfied with work of another dentists.

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