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Microscopic dentistry

Carl Zeiss microscope used in the Syndenta clinic
Dental microscope has been a great contribution to dentistry. It enables the doctor to localize problems more easily and precisely, it also improves the doctor´s ergonomics of work.

Our clinic is equipped by two first-rate microscopes Carl Zeiss. Dental microscope is an indispensable device as it helps to identify tooth decay early and thus the treatment can be less invasive. It is also used in prosthetics - especially for making bridges and crowns - because of its precision. Apart from that every doctor wears magnifying loupes.

It is important to see well!



Every tooth has a different number of roots and root canals, these are difficult to treat, especially without necessary experience, patience and equipment.

In our clinic we provide endodontic treatment using dental microscope, apex locator, endomotor, nickel-titanium rotary instruments and 3D equipment for root canal therapy.

All those modern devices require the doctors to undergo specialized trainings. In this respect we keep up with modern trends and our doctors regularly participate in seminars and training courses.

Endodontic treatment
Endodontics deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth.

If the tooth pulp is damaged (after injury, deep decay, preparation for a crown, etc.), it is necessary to treat it properly.

The proper treatment consists of pulp covering and preserving living pulp or its removal, desinfection and hermetic closure of root canals. Thus it is possible to rescue a tooth that was once meant to be extracted.

A tooth treated this way, if treated well, can serve the patient for many years. In our clinic we are able to provide this kind of treatment thanks to many years of experience with dental microscope.



Removing wrapped instrument after endodontic treatment
By means of dental microscope we treat complicated root canals, remove broken endo-instruments and close root perforations.

We help where standard procedures fail!

Toto pracoviště používá operační mikroskopMicroscope, which is not a standard equipment of dental clinics, gives us a chance to deal with microsurgery and offer the patient detailed and precise treatment.


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